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Grzegorz Pietkiewicz - Chief Engineer

In 1980, I completed my studies at the Maritime Academy in Gdynia where I obtained the diploma of master degree. From this time, I have been continuously in intensive sea-going employment. During the first three years, I served as motorman and 4-th Engineer in Polish Ocean Lines. From 1993, I worked in Polferries rising from 3-rd Engineer to Chief Engineer.
I received my Chief Engineer Certificate after 8 years of work and I have it from 22 years. In Polferries I served on car and passenger ships. While with Polferries I served on their biggest ship, the MF Scandinavia that had propulsion 28890 bhp and carried 1800 passengers.
In 2001/2002 I served for SAIPEM at offshore multpurpose DP2 ship "Maxita". Last I worked for Havila Supply as a Chief Engineer on PSV Havila Fortune and next for Boa Offshore on PSV Boa Fortune.

My compete CV is available here ( pdf 152 kb)